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Basic Info

MOKit 2.8 has been released! See the File Downloads area for downloadable disk images of the binary and source releases.

MOKit is a Mac OS X framework that extends the Cocoa development frameworks. The project includes the framework itself as well as several supporting pieces that are all built by a single Project Builder project.

MOKit serves two main purposes.

First, MOKit is a useful collection of classes, categories, and functions that extend Apple's Cocoa frameworks. It may be used by other Cocoa projects by dragging the built framework into an existing project and choosing which targets should link with it.

Second, MOKit is maintained as an example of the best practices for structuring and deploying a useful third-party framework for Mac OS X. The Project Builder project has been carefully set up to do everything according to current best practices and should be updated quickly any time such best practices change.

See the Detailed Info section for information on the contents of the framework and project.

See the Release Notes section for lists of things changed in each version.

See the Developer Info section for information on how to check out the code or how to become a contributor to the project.

See the License section for information on the license for MOKit.

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Versions prior to 2.7 are available in source and binary forms at